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CÉFRIO and Vestechpro support the adoption of digital technologies by apparel industry SMEs

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Digital Fashion Offers a New Shopping Experience

Small and medium-sized companies from the fashion and apparel sector in the Montreal area were invited to Hotel Ruby Foo's, on October 23, for a free training session. This training was offered by CÉFRIO (Centre francophone de recherche en informatisation des organisations) and organized in collaboration with Vestechpro as part of the PME 2.0 program, an initiative of the Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et des Exportations (MEIE) aimed at adopting digital technologies to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Quebec SMEs.

The event organizers addressed leaders of very small, small and medium-sized businesses keen to make the digital shift, but with questions remaining about the most effective way to take on this challenge, and integrate the new know-how into their business practices. More precisely, the session was intended to lead participants to reflect on their current assets, management practices, and staff skills with regard to the requirements of new technology.

In fact, the real issues at stake were the implementation of digital technology as a long-term optimization and growth strategy for businesses, as well as the undeniable competitive advantages it gives its supporters. For Quebec SMEs who wish to remain competitive in the marketplace, while dealing with the ups and downs of an industry undergoing profound changes, making the digital shift is no longer an option, it is an imperative.

				CÉFRIO and Vestechpro support the adoption of digital technologies by apparel industry SMEs
				CÉFRIO et Vestechpro soutiennent les PME de l’habillement dans l’adoption des technologies numériques

Photo credits: CÉFRIO
Photography: Éric Carrière

Vestechpro will pursue its considerable efforts to mobilize businesses by setting up training workshops and developing tools useful in supporting business growth. Look out for workshop dates in 2016 announced on the Vestechpro Web site.

During this meeting, Vestechpro demonstrated once again its commitment to the Quebec apparel sector, and in particular, its mission to accompany industry stakeholders in their adoption of new technologies.

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