Midday conference - Fashion 2.0: clothing of the future

On November 2, Vestechpro hosted a number of connected device experts. Ms. Paulette Kaci, General Director of the apparel research and innovation centre, explained the context for wearables, and introduced three specialists whose work is focused on different technological areas: emotion recognition, smart shirts and technology diffusion in education.

Organized for the benefit of students and teachers from the École de mode at Cegep Marie-Victorin, the event raised awareness about business practices and the creation of innovative products with the new generation of designers.

To the delight of the audience, speakers Jean-Philip Poulin, co-founder of SensAura Tech, Kim Neveu, Head of design department - textile innovation at Hexoskin and Christophe Reverd, Learning Technology Advisor with Vitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ) shared their experience of the development process of their respective projects. The event was part of the broader effort of Vestechpro to raise awareness among students about smart clothing. As a result of this conference, a free introductory workshop on motion sensors will be given to students and teachers from the Cegep on November 30.

In teams, (or alone!), participants will have the opportunity to create their very first project using the nanocomputer RaspberryPi.

Fashion 2.0: Introductory workshop on sensors with Christophe Reverd
When: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 12:15 – 1:45 p.m.
Where: Vestechpro, Cegep Marie-Victorin, room S-011
Target audience: All students and teachers from the Cegep, and those who are curious, creative and passionate about technology … open to all!
And as a bonus: a certificate of initiation to Raspberry Pi.

Hurry! Only a few places remain, register here.

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