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November 2022, A Month Rich in Sharing with the Next Generation for Vestechpro

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Tribute to Helen Brunet, Director of Strategic Development and Operations at Vestechpro

Circular economy, smart clothing and digital fashion-clothing in the spotlight of our activities for the next generation.

Review of Our Applied Research Circular Economy Activities at HEC Montreal

As part of the master's degree Circular Economy course in Sustainable Development at HEC Montreal, Ennouri Triki - Senior Researcher at Vestechpro, presented the project for the reduction and reuse of post-consumer clothing as well as the recycling of residual materials, conducted in partnership with Renaissance, to more than seventy students.

Among the actions developed within the framework of this project: the carrying out of a study on the personal consumption of textile materials in Quebec, more specifically in the Montreal region, through a short survey.
The goal of this initiative? To estimate the quantity of textiles purchased/donated/discarded per year in Montreal.

Smart and Digital Fashion-Clothing: Women's Careers in Technology Highlighted at G-Change Event

Marie-Jade Lucier, Vestechpro research assistant, was present at the G-Change school day organized by ÉTS to encourage young women between the ages of 15 and 19 to choose a career in science, technology, engineering, and math.

She presented the opportunities for projects and careers in smart clothing and digital fashion. She also co-lead a workshop on Connected Wearable Technology to demystify the study of electronics and programming. This workshop, initially presented as part of the Futures Leaders en Tech du Mouvement montréalais (of which Marie-Jade is an ambassador), allowed participants to understand how to transform a garment into a technological and intelligent accessory.

Our Center is proud to contribute to raising awareness of women's careers in clothing and apparel for tomorrow's even more innovative projects!

As a College Center for Technology Transfer, Vestechpro's mission is to transmit knowledge to the next generation and to contribute to the training of professionals in line with the industry's challenges.

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