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Paulette Kaci appointed to the Board of la Grappe mode

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Paulette Kaci appointed to the Board of la Grappe mode

Ms. Paulette Kaci, Executive director of Vestechpro, was appointed as an administrator to the board of Grappe métropolitaine de la mode at the inaugural annual general meeting of mmode held on April 19th at the headquarters of Groupe Dynamite in Montreal. With her colleagues from l’École supérieure de mode at UQAM and from LaSalle College, Ms. Kaci will sit in the education-research sector. More particularly, she will represent Cegep Marie-Victorin and Vestechpro, Apparel Research and Innovation Centre.

La Grappe mode is a network of companies and institutions working in the fashion industry in the Montreal metropolitan area. Its mission is threefold: to improve the competitiveness of Montreal’s distinct and dynamic fashion hub, to encourage the creation of new companies and to stimulate innovation in the apparel sector.

Ms. Kaci will collaborate closely with Ms. Debbie Zakaib, Executive director of la Grappe, as well as with other board members. She will take an active part in current projects led by mmode, such as the reinforcing of the brand image of Montreal as a fashion city in order to have it recognized as one of the world’s top centres of fashion, offering solutions to workforce issues facing the industry, developing training programmes, integrating new technologies, increasing productivity and helping to develop international markets for all members.

“My desire to improve the performance of organizations and to take an active part in the development of the fashion industry is complete accordance with my personal values and forms my primary motivation in taking on this new challenge. I accept these new responsibilities with great enthusiasm and determination” said Ms. Kaci.

Ms. Kaci is the first Executive director of Vestechpro. With more than 20 years’ experience as a manager, Ms. Kaci was appointed by Cegep Marie-Victorin when Vestechpro was created. As executive director, she has been able to position Vestechpro as an essential research centre for Quebec's apparel industry and to promote it throughout the country and elsewhere in the world. With a Master’s in education from the Université de Sherbrooke, she has made it her mission to position Vestechpro so that it has become a leader in the area of technology transfer applied to the apparel industry and has consolidated collaboration between Cegep Marie-Victorin, its students, its professionals and all stakeholders in the fashion industry.

				Paulette Kaci appointed to the Board of la Grappe mode
				Paulette Kaci nommée au Conseil d’administration de la Grappe mode

About Vestechpro

Vestechpro is a collegial centre for the transfer of technology (CCTT), specialized in apparel, affiliated with Cegep Marie-Victorin and member of the TransTech Network. Its mission is to be the leading partner of the companies and organizations involved in the apparel industry, by offering them innovation, research, and development support services, by organizing training and development activities, and by disseminating strategic information that enables them to position themselves advantageously in a global context.

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