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Paulette Kaci is Elected President of the First Parity Board of Directors for QuébecInnove

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Vestechpro Apparel Research and Innovation Center is glad to announce the election of Paulette Kaci, director of the Center, as President of the board of directors for QuébecInnove, an organisation mandated by the Quebec Government to facilitate the access and the support for innovation for Quebec businesses.

During last month’s General Assembly, Mrs. Kaci has been nominated through a new Board of Directors composed of parity members and originating from research centers and businesses. Strongly engaged since 2018 as Vice-President of the Board, Mrs. Kaci will undertake her duties with the strong conviction of consolidating QuébecInnove’s role in the Quebec’s research ecosystem. Furthermore, the expertise she developed within Vestechpro, a college centre for technology transfer affiliated with the Cégep Marie-Victorin, confers all the skills that are necessary to accomplish successfully one of QuébecInnove’s main goals which is to interlink producers of knowledge such as research centers, and the users of knowledge such as businesses. The contribution of entrepreneurs will allow QuébecInnove to get access to strategic data which is extremely crucial for the ongoing process of innovation in Quebec. Furthermore, I will also fulfill my duties by sharing with all my partners the required sense of determination to make Quebec move forward and towards the future. It is thus with great pride and enthusiasm that I initiate this mandate’, said the newly elected President of the board.

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