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Research | Vestechpro, partner of the first North American anthropometric study

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Vestechpro, Canada's first North American anthropometric study partner

Montreal, March 23, 2017 - Vestechpro, apparel research and innovation center, is pleased to announce the launch of the first anthropometric survey conducted in North America. 3D body scanners are operational at two American university campuses and a team of professionals hosts volunteers in a mobile scanning unit designed specifically for the big tour.

The most comprehensive anthropometric study undertaken to date on the continent is being carried out by the German group Human Solutions in collaboration with Vestechpro, its Canadian partner located in Montreal. The survey will continue in the next fifteen months or so and, measurements, proportions and demographic profiles of 18,000 men, women and children will be collected. The data will then be analyzed, processed and made available to participating companies for them to update their size charters.

"The Size NorthAmerica study promises many benefits to the garment industry but also to other industrial sectors. Several companies have already expressed interest in participating in the study since access to recent measurement data will greatly improve their competitiveness within the North American market" said Paulette Kaci, Executive Director of Vestechpro.

A necessary and expected anthropometric survey
The measurements and body proportions of North Americans have changed considerably in recent decades. The size charters currently used in the industry are obsolete and do not reflect these morphological transformations. On the other hand, some demographic segments are not represented, for example, very few data are available for the 6 to 17 age group. The garment industry has everything to gain by participating in this study, the results of which will enable it to respond more adequately to consumer demands, particularly on online sales websites. For its part, the automotive industry will find several advantages in terms of safety, use and comfort of vehicles.

Easily accessible data on iSize
In the garment and mobility industry, product development is at the heart of operations, and access to reliable information on sizes and fit is often a guarantee of commercial success. The results of the survey will be easily accessible and presented in a new intelligible format designed to simplify market analysis, the evaluation of new business opportunities and updating measurement charters. The iSize portal has been designed taking into account the particularities of this product approach.

The combined expertise of two leaders
Human Solutions has more than twenty years of expertise in anthropometry and ergonomics. It’s team's know-how and state-of-the-art technology enabled the company to carry out major campaigns in Europe and Asia, before rising to the top of this sector.

For its part, Vestechpro encourages companies in the clothing industry to make innovation their growth engine. The Center supports the adoption of a culture of applied research and the development of a technological ecosystem dedicated to this sector. Its involvement in Size NorthAmerica is in line with this objective, as it aims at encouraging the pooling of knowledge, skills and resources necessary for the development of solutions adapted to the needs of companies and their environment.

About Vestechpro
Vestechpro is a collegial center for the transfer of technology (CCTT), specialized in apparel, affiliated with Cégep Marie-Victorin and member of the Trans-Tech Network. Its mission is to be the leading partner of the companies and organizations involved in the apparel industry, by offering them innovation, research and development support services, by organizing training and development activities, and by disseminating strategic information that enables them to position themselves advantageously in a global context.

Vestechpro aims to determine optimal solutions to the needs and objectives of its customers and to promote the development and growth of the garment industry in Quebec and Canada.

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Source and information:
Helen Brunet
Project Manager for Size NorthAmerica
514 328-3813, extension 2423
[email protected]

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