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Retrospective: Smart Clothing Course: Where the Needle Meets the Soldering Iron!

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November 2022, A Month Rich in Sharing with the Next Generation for Vestechpro

Last fall, Vestechpro offered a smart clothing course for the first time. The initiative, made possible thanks to the support of the City of Montreal, allowed 9 participants to discover the world of smart clothing, one of the research areas of the Center.

The program, which consisted of 45 hours of evening classes, introduced our participants to electronics, programming, design, and development of smart clothing. The course also covered artificial intelligence, design thinking, the Internet of Things, and system connectivity. These various complementary modules allowed participants to discover and appreciate the different facets of smart clothing and its complexity.

In groups of 3, participants were able to create a project related to medical or artistic fields through a creativity session. These projects, which were carried out throughout the course, aimed at applying the knowledge acquired during the various modules.
Photo: Julia Guérineau, Vestechpro
The course ended on December 14th with a presentation of the 3 different projects and their respective prototypes to a jury. The jury was composed of Cristina Andoni, Economic Development Commissioner for the City of Montreal, Kadidia Haïdara, Development Officer - Mouvement montréalais Les Filles & le code at Concertation Montréal, Alireza Saidi, Professional Researcher at the Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail, and Mariia Zhuldybina, Institutional Researcher at the École de technologie supérieure. The creative character, scope of the work. and quality of the achievements were highlighted by jury members. Photo: Julia Guérineau

Vestechpro would like to thank the City of Montreal, each jury member, as well as the various stakeholders who participated in the success of this pilot course. The Center wishes to congratulate participants and hopes they will continue to discover what the world of smart clothing has to offer.

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