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Research assistant at Vestechpro and ambassador of the new techno professions to the next generation of women.

Vestechpro paves the way for tomorrow’s designers

Montréal, April 27, 2017 - Vestechpro supports the next generation designers by offering Cegep Marie-Victorin fashion design program students information capsules on the use of sensors in clothing and by coordinating activities aimed at creating technological garments and accessories with intelligent and interactive properties.

A workshop developed by Vestechpro in the fall of 2016, in collaboration with Christophe Reverd, technopedagogical advisor at the Vitrine technologie-éducation (VTÉ), generated enthusiasm among participants who were able to discover new ways of thinking about clothing. With their colleagues in the Computer Science and Mathematics program at the Bois-de-Boulogne Cegep, and using the Raspberry Pi technology, the fashion design program students were able to concieve an original four piece mini collection of futuristic-looking outerwear.

The result of their work was unveiled as part of the Wear It Smart 2017 programming and the trendy Mtl Fashion Tech event presented at the McCord Museum on March 30th. The presence of the team of creators in the museum proved a great opportunity for an exchange of ideas between students and technophiles and fashionistas on the multiple clothing functionalities permitted by the use of sensors in apparel.

The young designers explained the characteristics of a retractable sleeve coat with an integrated watch indicating the time or the temperature outside, pants with illuminated ribbons, a cap with a built-in camera, and mittens whose control buttons trigger the functions of other garments. The fashion collection evoked the one-of-a-kind 1960s style, and was also a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Expo 67. At that time, the great happening had strongly contributed to propelling Montreal creators and Canadian fashion onto the World scene, a story which the McCord Museum retells eloquently through the Fashion Expo 67 exhibition.

Vestechpro paves the way for tomorrow’s designers

Since its creation in 2011, Vestechpro has been very involved in the future of intelligent clothing and, more specifically, in the development of an educational clothing project aimed at training a new generation of creators who are equally proficient in design and technology. The Center's active participation in trendsetting events such as Mtl Fashion Tech is a step in that direction.

About Vestechpro

Vestechpro is a collegial center for the transfer of technology (CCTT), specialized in apparel, affiliated with Cégep Marie-Victorin and member of the Trans-Tech Network. Its mission is to be the leading partner of the companies and organizations involved in the apparel industry, by offering them innovation, research and development support services, by organizing training and development activities, and by disseminating strategic information that enables them to position themselves advantageously in a global context.

Vestechpro aims to determine optimal solutions to the needs and objectives of its customers and to promote the development and growth of the garment industry in Quebec and Canada.

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Communications Coordinator
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Photo: © Jean-Marie Savard, 2017

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