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Summer School 2019 | A collaboration with the startup Ultracine Studio !

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For the second edition of the Summer School in Fashion and Technology, Vestechpro is fortunate to collaborate with the startup Ultracine Studios, to engage the next generation in the creation of a mobile game in mode.

Who is Ultracine Studios?

Ultracine Studios is a young mobile-based video game development studio founded by a small team of industry veterans. Ultracine specializes mainly in the creation of very realistic graphic narrative video games, seriously addressing the themes of fashion and romance. His products focus on the virtual representation of the player in the game, through the construction of his avatar, and the integration of activities promoting and rewarding the expression of one or more forms of artistic creativity: elaboration of clothing, personalization, virtual photography, etc.

Ultracine Studios is therefore looking to match video games and clothing, thanks to the launch of its first video game, "Fashionz", during the first quarter of 2020.

"Our approach to development is fundamentally transversal: we bring together in one studio veterans from several cultural industries such as video games, literature, film, or fashion." Nicolas Pajot, President and founder of Ultracine Studios

An innovative mobile game

Innovative technologies are at the heart of Ultracine Studios' business, because they give the company the means to significantly increase the level of realism of its products, both in terms of visual processing and in terms of gaming experience itself. Ultracine has developed a unique technology of flexible body animation to obtain unprecedented quality clothing simulations on mobile platforms. Ultracine also innovates by integrating virtual actors in real environments, previously filmed, thus combining imaginary and real aspects on the screen of the user. Finally, the use of artificial intelligence processes contributes to the optimization of a complex dynamic aspect of the game: its virtual economy.

The summer school: a programming around the video game and the fashion

During 4 weeks, the participating students will discover the stages of creation of a video game by participating in the development and development of the virtual clothing content of "Fashionz" such as conceptual work, pattern making, graphic design, virtual marketing ... This project will be followed by visits to companies and incubators, as well as conferences on entrepreneurship, technology and innovation to provide a range of essential content for the next generation.

Are you a technology company or an organization offering business services and would like to contribute to the summer school programming ? We are always looking for content from conferences or workshops, let's talk about it !

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For any questions, contact Coline Amblard, Vestechpro Communication and Marketing Manager : [email protected]

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