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Summer School 2019 | Conference of three entrepreneurs

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Summer School 2019 | What is the program ?

Vestechpro is proud to welcome three experts and founders of technology companies during the summer school, during a conference dedicated to their career in business.

This will be an opportunity for participants to discover the reality of business creation through their experiences, and ask them questions about their issues, their successes and their good advice!

Discover our three guests: Amira Boutouchent (Bridgr), Marianne Burkic (Yapouni) and Valentine Dessertenne (Behaviour Interactive and Pixelles).

				Summer School 2019 | Conference of three entrepreneurs
				École d'été 2019 mode et jeu vidéo | Conférence de trois entrepreneures en tech

Discover the careers of Amira Boutouchent, Marianne Burkic and Valentine Dessertenne.

Amira Boutouchent

Amira Boutouchent is the co-founder and CEO of Bridgr, a technology company that helps small and medium-sized manufacturing companies find and collaborate with skilled experts to digitize their operations. Amira is a computer engineer from Algeria and holds a master's degree in management from HEC Montréal. Before Bridgr, she was part of a research project exploring strategic and operational challenges in the industrial world.

Marianne Burkic

Starting from an idea, a memory and a volunteer in a unit of care in a children's hospital, Marianne Burkic became the founder and CEO of Yapouni, an educational mobile role-playing game. To achieve this, Marianne has mixed her know-how with her passions, from storytelling to production to creating immersive and magical worlds. Yapouni is therefore a tool for children and their families to understand and tame the disease, to understand the process of care and to de-dramatize hospitalization.

Valentine Dessertenne

Valentine started her career in a tech start-up she co-founded. After going through an accelerator, she then turned to her passion, video games. She joined an indie studio as a marketing manager, then turned to production. She is celebrating her 5 years in the industry this year and continues to support game teams as an associate producer with Behaviour Interactive.

Vestechpro thanks these three entrepreneurs for giving their time for the summer school in fashion and video game!

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