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Summer school in fashion and video game | The success of the second edition

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Summer School 2019 | Conference of three entrepreneurs

The Vestechpro team accompanied during 4 weeks in June 10 college and university students for the second edition of the summer school. Friday, June 28 ended this beautiful edition on the theme of fashion and video games, with the final presentations in team, facing a jury of experts.

				Summer school in fashion and video game | The success of the second edition
				L’école d’été en mode et jeu vidéo | Le succès de la deuxième édition

During this event, the ten participants had the opportunity to discover companies from the Montreal entrepreneurial scene and video game studios, methods and tools for collaborative work and had the chance to meet industry experts. to develop their network.

They were able to discover new tools such as agile project management, the Canva Business Model (BMC), sprint design and the empathy card, the Marvelous Designer 3D software, the LinkedIn professional social network and many more.

All the knowledge acquired during this month of activities enabled them to create their fictional company as a team, with the aim of developing a virtual capsule-collection of 5 clothes from the Marvelous Designer software. These team projects were presented to a panel of three players from the video game, fashion and entrepreneurship industry: Nicolas Pajot, CEO of Ultracine Studios, lead partner of the event, Nadine Gelly , General Manager of the Alliance Numérique and Viktoria Valkova-Kaleva, Pattern Designer and Project Manager at Vestechpro.

The objective of this program is to introduce young women to the opportunities between fashion and technologies, still predominantly male sector, to give them confidence in their possibilities and abilities. The Summer School also makes them aware of entrepreneurship in order to enable them to start a business.

The Summer School in Fashion and Technology is an initiative of Vestechpro, held annually in June. For more information, contact us.

Vestechpro thanks the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEES), the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEI) and Cégep Marie-Victorin for supporting the Summer School in Fashion and technologies.

Vestechpro thanks the speakers, companies and organizations who contributed to this great project for the future and congratulates the participants of the second edition of the summer school for their involvement and their work.

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