Wear It Smart 2023: Wear your healthcare innovations
Wear It Smart 2023: Wear your healthcare innovations

Vestechpro and Centech are partnering to present the 6th edition of Wear it Smart under the theme "Wear your healthcare innovations".
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The Next Generation using Vestechpro Digital Embroidery Machine!

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A Presentation of Inspiring Projects for Vestechpro's Digital Fashion-Clothing Course

Ava Sanaye, a Fashion Design student at Cégep Marie-Victorin's Fahion School, put the shared Lab's digital embroidery machine into action as part of one of her student projects.

The aspiring designer personalized a sweater she made by embroidering it with a pattern and text previously prepared on the computer.

Broderie numérique au Lab partagé
© Ava Sanaye

Audrey Coulombe, Vestechpro Project manager – Technology, supported Ava throughout the various stages of her embroidery project:

- Choice of embroidery stabilizer according to the type of textile used by the student: this step aims at finding the best stabilizer to apply on the back of the embroidered fabric to stabilize the embroidery and ensure an optimal life span.
- Preparation of files to be embroidered (vector design software and software specific to the embroiderer) and uploading them to the embroidery machine.
- Choice of embroidery threads and frame to be used for holding the work during embroidery.
- Instructions for starting and stopping stitches to secure the patterns. Simulation of the embroidery path to complete the embroidery safely.
- Tests on waste fabric to compare different options: outline embroidery, solid design, outlining in one colour and filling in another colour, etc.
- Production of the final embroidery.

The student did the embroidery before assembling her sweater, but it is also entirely possible to do the embroidery on a finished garment or accessory.

Broderie numérique au Lab partagé

The Many Benefits of the Shared Lab Industrial Embroidery Machine:
- High embroidery speed and precision in completing embroidered designs.
- Ability to perform embroidery incorporating up to 12 different colours without having to de-stack or re-stack the machine.
- Option to upload custom embroidery designs from a USB key.
- Choice of foot pressure according to fabric thickness.

Broderie numérique au Lab partagé

The Lab shared by Vestechpro and Cégep Marie-Victorin Fashion School combines several pieces of digital personalization equipment: industrial embroidery machine, 3D printer (additive manufacturing), textile printer, heating press and a textile print dryer.

The next generation of designers has a unique opportunity to experiment with the customization of clothing and apparel products using semi-industrial equipment with these machines.
These machines are also available to fashion designers who wish to occasionally use them, or to any company in the sector wishing to test them.
This equipment is also used for the Center's customer projects, whether for product development or for small-scale production (the Vestechpro team produces small series of garments or accessories).

Broderie numérique au Lab partagé Broderie numérique au Lab partagé

Please contact us for any questions you may have about this equipment or our services.

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