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Vestechpro, 10 Years of Innovation and Technological Advancements

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Vestechpro is celebrating 10 years of innovation and technological advancement. Since our creation, we have been committed to the mission of being the partner of choice for companies and organizations working in the apparel industry by offering them support services for innovation, optimization, research and development, by providing training and development activities, and by disseminating strategic information allowing them to position themselves advantageously in a globalized contex

“This first decade has enabled Vestechpro to become a center of excellence, where a team of experts with interdisciplinary and complementary skills has been active, thus establishing itself as a leader in the Quebec apparel industry. I am proud of the progress that has been made and of the people who have contributed to the success of the center since its inception”: Paulette Kaci, Vestechpro Director General.

And tomorrow: we continue to grow and seize strategic opportunities to improve the practices of the Quebec apparel industry while optimizing the return on investment of its players. Indeed, Vestechpro has recently acquired new equipment, unique in Canada, such as:

The evolutive and connected Eminéo robot mannequin, from the company Euveka, can reproduce an infinite number of morphologies, thus optimizing the environmental ROI of organizations with the reduction of unsold goods, raw materials and the carbon footprint linked to production. This real-time connected mannequin (data management software) also answers the question of inclusiveness in the apparel world through the processing and analysis of "morpho-data."

The Italian-made textile shredder (IPEA.IT) will offer industry players the opportunity to recycle their textile waste by obtaining reusable fibers for the manufacture of new products, such as threads, insulation felts, padding… An innovative solution that meets the challenges of the circular economy.

Consult our Press Release for more information about our five areas of focus.

Watch our promotional video to learn how Vestechpro has been making its mark on the apparel industry for a decade.

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