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Vestechpro wants to share the news of its customers, to familiarize you with the world of applied research in business and innovation in the clothing industry in Quebec.

For this new article of the series, we met Maxime Ouellet, Head of Innovation and Product Development for the company CONFORMiT.

Health and safety of workers: a priority since 1986

CONFORMiT exists since 1986 and its head office is in Saguenay. The company historically offered lockout services and offered software to support these services. For example, the company was responsible for managing risks in the field by developing procedures to control hazardous energies for workers. Over the last 30 years, the software has been continuously developed and improved a lot. In 2015, the company went from a service company to a software development company with a focus on international development. Today, the team designs and markets a complete software solution for health, safety and the environment.

CONFORMiT is a leader in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management solutions that promotes excellence in risk management for workers. For 30 years, CONFORMiT has been observing and shaping business processes while offering tools to resolve strategic HSE issues. By addressing critical risk needs, CONFORMiT software helps organizations of all sizes and industries manage regulatory compliance, eliminate the risk of accidents, and save real time and money.

A green software

Aligned with industry best practices and emerging digital trends, CONFORMiT builds a true HSE culture within organizations. At the level of environmental issues, the software allows companies to better apprehend them, for example in the case of an oil spill, the tool helps in the development of an action plan to resolve nonconformities. Since regulations in terms of environment change very quickly, their tool helps their customers to adapt quickly, improving the quality of their products and the health of their workers.

The company has more than 400,000 users in more than 20 countries. More specifically, their clients are industrial companies and public organizations in all sectors and sizes. Some of their customers are found in industries such as metallurgy, transportation or mining and are located everywhere in the world: Burkina Faso, New Caledonia, the United States, Mexico, Canada , Poland, France, etc.

Tools at the service of the SSE

CONFORMiT products meet different needs that can be grouped into four distinct typologies. Their activities therefore enable their clients to manage the risks of accidents (1), to be more productive by saving time (2), to comply with health, safety and environmental standards and laws (3) as well as to create a culture of health and safety within organizations (4).

In the age of digital transformation and industry 4.0, their customers want to rely on technological tools that will propel their business. Their clients want to proactively manage health, safety and environmental risks while optimizing their processes. To do this, they want to use tools that foster collaboration and knowledge sharing across all levels of the hierarchy (from worker to vice-presidents) which allows them to increase their organizational agility. The data must be in real time! In addition, they want to recruit and retain the best talent. The new generations naturally use new technologies and are eager for performance. In the industrial world, these are big challenges that can be addressed by solid cloud solutions that require no training and that help capture and integrate business data.

The solution: the customer experience

According to Mr. Ouellet, "With artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, we will soon be able to predict risks and make life easier for workers and managers by providing them with the right information at the right time, depending on the context. To do so, the "wearables" and mobility will capture and send this information. This is a big challenge because the industrial world is full of logistical, cultural and organizational challenges. With a user-centered approach and an intimate knowledge of the environment, we believe that these solutions can be developed and offer great value for these organizations! ".

Why work with a CCTT?

For CONFORMiT, their vision is clear: revolutionize the SSE! On the other hand, revolutions never happen alone. It takes allies, partners who share this vision and who do not hesitate to exchange, experiment, accept their mistakes and learn from them. Thus, they found in Vestechpro a partner to their measure!

				Vestechpro corporate client profile | Discover CONFORMiT
				Portraits d'entreprises clientes de Vestechpro | Découvrez CONFORMiT

"At CONFORMiT, we firmly believe that innovations result from the shock of ideas, the pressure of constraints, the experimentation and, above all, the extraordinary empathy towards customers and users who have real problems to solve. With Vestechpro, we find this philosophy. ", says Mr. Ouellet.

Because of its positioning and its desire to revolutionize the SSE, CONFORMiT was a proud sponsor of Vestechpro's "Wear It Smart" event in 2018, which brought together leaders in the field of smart clothing and wearables in the field of SSE.

This event, organized each year by Vestechpro since 2015, aims to bring together scientists, leaders, teacher-researchers and the next generation around discussions and projects related to wearable. Between 80 and 150 people attend this annual event where round tables, conferences and sometimes exhibitions of companies and organizations from around the world take place.

The future of CONFORMiT

"We must demonstrate the potential of data recovery in SSE with projects in artificial intelligence certainly, not to mention that it will somehow" feed "these algorithms to refine the value. Wearables are part of the equation. We are pleased to see the establishment of a Health and Safety Center of Excellence that ties data and the life cycle of wearables in industrial settings, "explains Mr. Ouellet. "

CONFORMiT has engaged a brand new technology leader to contribute to their new wearable integration challenge. At the same time, with a view to improving the quality of life of their employees, more than half of the company's employees have been able to work from home since January 2019. This decision makes it possible to recruit talents regardless of their geographical location and thus to access the best talents regardless of their location.

Vestechpro thanks Maxime Ouellet for his collaboration. Find the CONFORMiT solutions on their website: https://www.conformit.com/fr/

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