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Vestechpro corporate client profile | Discover MOOV Activewear

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Vestechpro corporate client profile | Discover atelier b

Vestechpro wants to share the news of its customers, to familiarize you with the world of applied research in business and innovation in the clothing industry in Quebec.

For this new article in the series, we met Geneviève Tremblay, co-founder of MOOV Activewear.

Moov activewear: improving an already existing need

Geneviève, a former oceanographer and soccer athlete, a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association in the United States, and Stephanie, a former television production assistant, decide to launch their leggings brand, MOOV Activewear, just two years after the opening of the Studio Moov in 2013.

The movement perfectly describes the work of sisters Geneviève and Stéphanie Tremblay. That's probably why they chose MOOV as a company name!

"By observing our clients during the sessions and taking note of general comments about their workout clothes, we came up with the idea of ​​creating the perfect leggings for women, the real ones: a flattering leggings, which marries the natural forms and holds well in place. Our goal was to ensure that our clients could train comfortably, without always having to put on their leggings, while feeling beautiful and comfortable, "says Geneviève.

Develop an inclusive 100% Quebec product

What started out as a training studio eventually led to the creation of a company that made a piece of clothing that was essential to sports: leggings. MOOV Activewear is thus designed and made with love in Montreal, in its entirety (from the thread to the final product).

To do this, they have developed an innovative textile material to ensure the garment maximum stretch and breathability: the MOOVFLEX ™ made from a patented process. They have studied and perfected the design of leggings to meet the needs of women of all ages and all body types. The high waist of the garment and the lack of seam on the front provide superior support and support. The addition of an integrated antibacterial gusset appeared essential in order to offer more comfort in addition to blurring the profile of the fork. This addition allows women to wear these pants without underwear if they want, acting as a second skin.

"At MOOV Activewear, the pursuit of excellence contributes greatly to the pleasure of moving! ", Reminds us of the two sisters.

Moov Activewear designs leggings for women ages 30 and up. A large majority of their clients are moms and retired women who like to feel good during their physical activities. However, one of the goals of Moov Activewear is to offer comfortable clothing to all women, regardless of age, level of sport and fitness. Whatever the activity chosen, the goal is to be able to wear Moov activewear leggings at any time of the day: to go for a walk, run, go to the gym or just to feel at ease.

The different models of the brand are also available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. The MOOV Activewear website is also equipped with a tool, the MOOV Size Finder®, which allows customers to find THE perfect size of their leggings. Note that the models and sizes offered also include a choice of length for women smaller or larger than 5 feet and 6 inches.

The flagship product of Moov Activewear does not pretend to fill a new need, but rather to improve it. As athletic trainers, the two sisters were able to see during their classes the need to improve the fit of training leggings for all body types.

				Vestechpro corporate client profile | Discover MOOV Activewear
				Portraits d'entreprises clientes de Vestechpro | Découvrez MOOV Activewear

"The competition is huge! Our biggest challenge is to be able to differentiate ourselves in this slack of training clothing, to reach a certain notoriety and credibility on the market. "Geneviève Tremblay, co-founder of MOOV Activewear.

A very competitive industry

With their added value as coaches, the two sisters understood very well and identified what their clients want. Indeed, the returns are very positive: all the customers who try the leggings are convinced. However, the challenge is, first and foremost, to make the brand known so that potential customers can try it and decide for themselves.

Finally, integrating an existing and highly competitive market often requires significant investments in marketing. For a company in creation, despite the undeniable quality of the product, it is a challenge.

Why work with a CCTT?

The two sisters worked hard during a year dedicated to finding the best possible product. During this year of research, they called on the interactive visit of Vestechpro to deepen the technicality of the bosses. The objective was to define what was possible to do in order to reduce the cost of production to the maximum while keeping the quality of their products.

In addition, since this product is 100% Quebec, reflecting the company's core values, the two sisters had to face several specific issues. Due to the lack of manpower in the clothing sector in Quebec, as well as to the specificity of the product, Moovactivewear had to change their place of production three times. Their products are now made on the south shore of Montreal. They have therefore developed their versatility and their proactivity to respond to these issues.

Then, during the first year of marketing, they also called on Vestechpro to help them define their positioning. Indeed, it is sometimes essential to take a step back to specify your target clientele and develop an effective communication strategy with the help of experts.

The future of MOOV Activewear

In order to increase the brand awareness, Moovactivewear wants to develop the number of outlets offering their leggings, allowing more women to try their product, which is not possible with their online store . Thus, being already present in several sports shops and independent shops in the region, the two sisters are giving themselves the challenge of making their product even more accessible to all.

Geneviève wishes to remind the next generation that no matter the project, a lot of work is needed to achieve it. As Moovactivewear proves with the development of its innovative 100% Quebec leggings, it is always possible to produce an innovative product locally. However, she recalls that becoming an entrepreneur involves a lot of new challenges. You have to learn to be proactive in your solutions so you can respond quickly.

Vestechpro thanks Geneviève Tremblay for her collaboration.

Find MOOV Activewear products on their website: https://moovactivewear.com/

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