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Vestechpro corporate client profile | Discover Piga and Newex

Vestechpro wants to share the actuality of its customers, to familiarize you with the world of applied research in business and innovation in the clothing industry in Quebec. For this first series of articles, we met Jérôme Reynaud, co-founder of the Reyjin company.

** "Reyjin: When sport meets elegance and technology" **

It is originally a family story; but also values. Yannick and Jérôme Reynaud, 2 French brothers, co-founders of Reyjin, built their business in Montreal 4 years ago. This dynamic young company designs and manufactures smart sportswear, but not only. Passionate about the martial arts and the values associated with it, the two brothers breathed into their brand "Reyjin" all the ideals conveyed by this sport: strength, courage and honor. Values that are important to both brothers, values they apply on a daily basis and on which their company is based.

Close proximity to their customers

The strength of Reyjin lies in the importance they give to listening to their customers. It is with this in mind that Reyjin collaborates with various sports clubs to be closer to their customers. Their goal is to develop products that meet both amateur and insider needs, with a range of design and technical products.

It is also for this purpose that Reyjin designs and manufactures its products here in Montreal : *"Our customers are very sensitive to the fact that we manufacture in Montreal, and it is very interesting to see that even our European customers are receptive to it: the Canadian know-how is exported well" *says Jérôme.

According to the co-founder, this is one of the major issues of recent years. According to him, brands must educate the consumer and support them towards new, more responsible consumption habits by bringing production back to a local level. "People are willing to invest a little more money for a product made locally, to regain a sense of belonging to a know-how, a culture, a country. They are looking for honesty and transparency. The "Made in Quebec" meets this demand and is often a guarantee of a quality product. It is a way for us to contribute to this vision, while highlighting this country that has welcomed us and respecting the values of our company as well as our personal values" says Jérôme.

** Become a pioneer in smart clothing **

It tooks Jérôme and Yannick nearly four years to build a solid foundation for Reyjin and to guide their business strategy in order to differentiate themselves in a very competitive sector. The two brothers have traveled a lot, with the aim of discovering new subjects with features that are little known to the general public and that optimize comfort while meeting the many needs of athletes. As they progressed, their research led them to take a closer look at new integrated technologies, and more specifically so-called "smart" clothes.

				Vestechpro corporate client profile | Discover Reyjin
				Portraits d'entreprises clientes de Vestechpro | Découvrez Reyjin

"There is a new emerging market - already well established, especially in the US - which represents 2% of the textile industry today." Jérôme Reynaud, cofounder of Reyjin about smart clothing.

"We want to be precursors in this field, valuing the know-how existing in Quebec on an international scale. But for that, we had to surround ourselves with better expertise, which we did not have. Before innovating, it seems important to us to learn the basics and to constantly surround ourselves with people of whom it is the domain. It is by uniting the strengths and abilities of many that have created great things" mentions Jérôme, co-founder of Reyjin.

Why work with a CCTT?

By attending the annual Vestechpro event in 2016, Wear it smart, dedicated to smart clothing, the two founders get in touch with the Clothing Research and Innovation Center to help them with their projects. innovative. Vestechpro is a research and innovation center specializing in clothing that operates throughout the entire value chain: research, design, production, optimization, innovation and marketing in order to support professionals in the manufacturing industry. clothing in their technical and innovative projects. Vestechpro advises client companies on their product development and research projects while accompanying them in the selection and filing of innovation funding program files, one of the mandates of CCTTs. There are 59 CCTTs in Quebec, grouped under the banner of the Trans-tech network, each with specific expertise. CCTTs often collaborate with each other to better support companies in projects that mesh with expertise. It is sort of an outsourced research and development department for companies.

Vestechpro thanks Jerome Reynaud for his collaboration.

Find the Reyjin products on their website : www.reyjinsport.com

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