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Vestechpro Guide to Health Practices for Clothing Industry Employers for a Safe Work Environment during COVID-19

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Economic revival: assistance programs for the preservation of your activities

Good practices to implement for restarting activities


On April 28, the Quebec government announced its plan for the gradual re-opening of activities beginning in May. This plan allowed retail businesses that are not located in the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) and that have direct access to the outdoors as well as businesses involved in the supply chain to these businesses, to reopen as of May 4. MMC retail businesses were able to re-open on May 18.

Manufacturing companies were able to resume their activities on May 11 with a reduced workforce, or 50 employees plus half the number of remaining employees. Also, as of May 25, restrictions on the number of employees in manufacturing companies were lifted.

As stated in section 51 of the Act respecting occupational health and safety (AOHS), “the employer must take the necessary measures to the protect the occupational health and safety and physical well-being of workers.” It is therefore the employer who is responsible for implementing strict measures aimed at limiting the risks of exposure and transmission of the virus within the company. The purpose of this guide is to assist employers in the clothing industry in implementing these measures.

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