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Vestechpro is proud to collaborate in the development of a smart underwear with Institut LICEF of Université TÉLUQ

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On June 11, Institut LICEF, the laboratory in cognitive training and training environments of Université TÉLUQ in Montreal, has received a $100,000 grant under the Audace program of the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ). The FRQ is a non-profit organization established by the Government of Quebec to promote and develop health research, public health research and health services research.

As part of a multidisciplinary team of experts from various domains (human and social sciences, health, engineering, arts), Vestechpro will participate in the development of a smart undergarment aimed at providing a concrete solution to urinary incontinence. This project is in line with two of Vestechpro's dedicated research niches: smart clothing, and adaptative and medical garments. Vestechpro's researchers have already been aware of the urinary incontinence issues through various research and development projects and the optimization of absorbent undergarments for women and men. The main objective of these projects was the improvement of comfort and efficiency of innovative devices to help alleviate urinary leakage. In addition, Vestechpro's expertise in connected clothing will be put to good use in this project. The Centre was among the first instigators of wearable technologies and has been continuing on this path for several years. The Vestechpro team will bring its skills and savoir-faire to this innovative project aiming at the development of a smart undergarment that will prevent or detect urinary incontinence in order to offer people living with this condition dignity and more autonomy. Design, materials science and artificial intelligence are all areas of expertise that will be put at work within the team. Certainly, this challenging project will allow Vestechpro to strengthen its leadership position in the niche of smart clothing dedicated to health.

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