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Vestechpro on the Lookout of Emerging Technologies at the IDTechEx

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Vestechpro participated at the IDTechEx conference presented in Santa Clara (California) last November. IDTechEx, an organization dedicated to commercial research for over 20 years, promotes and disseminates information on emerging technologies. Its annual conference is presented twice a year, one edition takes place in North America and another one in Europe, and it allows the industries’ main players to benefit from a strategic watch on the current technology state. Furthermore, this platform allows participants to widen their perspective and to create new partnership agreements with other exhibitors or experts of the global international ecosystem.

This year, the complementary and distinct sectors of the electric vehicle, energy storage, graphene, the Internet of things, printed electronics, sensors and wearables have all been explored. In this context, the main objectives of Vestechpro were to gather knowledge in the latest advances in the technology sector, to get back in touch with long term collaborators, and to discover new companies and innovative products to help identify potential partners.

The four tendencies in technological innovation that caught our eye this year are as follows: 1. Printed Electronics: electronic inks are now more extensible and their loss of conductivity is much reduced. 2. Energy Storage: the challenges faced with small batteries are their flexibility and their conformation; as for car batteries, besides the energetic density, temperature control was at the core of discussions. 3. Sensors: the only notable advance is in the medical field. A new device can measure blood pressure which doesn’t require any application of pressure on the patient has been approved by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). 4. Hearable: this portable hearing aid device was the main focus during the convention. This product combines a hearing aid and a biosignal measuring device which is representative of an aging population’s needs. This product offers many possibilities of research and development in other fields such as music, voice search and mobile phone networks.

These advances contribute in consolidating the 4.0 Industry’s core development which resides in its connectivity and in which printed electronics and energy storage are indispensable. However, other issues have arisen and were discussed during the conference, for example, the battery life of car batteries which asks for a distinct approach including object-oriented programming and the usage of the 5G network.

By participating at IDTechEx, Vestechpro remains on the lookout for the latest technological innovations which enable it to expand its service offering and benefit its clients, and its industry, apparel.

				Vestechpro on the Lookout of Emerging Technologies at the IDTechEx
				Vestechpro à l’affût des technologies émergentes à la conférence IDTechEx

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