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Vestechpro presents Fashion and apparel professions of the future at Salon RH Mode 

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Vestechpro’s Board of Members Relies on the Complementarity of Expertise

On March 11th, Vestechpro, Apparel Research and Innovation Center,took part in Salon RH Mode’s 5th edition, the largest fashion and textile industry career event in Quebec. It was an opportunity to share our thoughts with the next involving two students who also work as research assistants at Vestechpro.

Jobs of the future in the apparel industry, an atypical career path

Helen Brunet, Strategic Development Manager at Vestechpro, met with two students who are active in the job market: Audrey Coulombe, a graduate of École de mode du Cégep Marie-Victorin and a student in the Computation Arts program at Concordia University, and Marie-Jade Lucier, Bachelor of Science in Cosmeceutical Chemistry and a student in the Fashion Design program at École de mode du Cégep Marie-Victorin.   During the interview, Audrey and Marie-Jade, who are also research assistants at Vestechpro, shared tips with the audience on integrating a profession of the future in the fashion and apparel industry. Nowadays, we have to take into account the various contexts and stakes at hand in the fashion and clothing industries. As more and more consumers are denouncing poor industry practices, companies are taking into account the circular economy, and their impact of society and the environement. New technologies can contribute to solving these issues. But if you are considering entering the field in smart clothing, what academic path should you pursue? Audrey and Marie-Jade answer this question collectively: an atypical one! Currently, there is no specific education program dedicated to this specialized field, which is why it is necessary to carve one's own path in order to acquire complementary skills and thus, create a multidisciplinary profile. For example, Vestechpro’s Summer School allows students to do just this: customize their respective academic and professional paths.   The two research assistants are confident about the future and are convinced that there will be better adapted programs to meet the needs of the industry in the coming years. According to them, Montréal possesses all the strengths required to develop further expertise in smart clothing. Their advice for the next generation: "Stay open to changes and remain curious towards creativity and new technologies. Diversify your interests towards the arts and sciences, adapt to the everevolving garment industry, and above all, persevere!"

Vestechpro paves the way for innovative careers

In supporting new career paths and pioneering the development of specific training in digital fashion and smart clothing, Vestechpro sparks interest in the fashion industry, for the young Again, Vestechpro’s Summer School, taking place in June, is intended to train college and university students in an original and playful manner to meet the fields’ current challenges. Since 2018, Vestechpro proposed various training themes such as Femmes et technologie and Mode et jeux vidéo. Vestechpro welcomes students totake its 3rd edition Summer School, themed Mode durable et écoresponsable, du linéaire au circulaire. Thank you all for sharing this moment with us at Salon RH Mode! 

				Vestechpro presents Fashion and apparel professions of the future at Salon RH Mode 
				Vestechpro présente les métiers d’avenir en mode et en habillement au Salon RH Mode

Helen Brunet, Audrey Coulombe and Marie-Jade Lucier at the Fashion and apparel professions of the future conference

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