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Vestechpro’s Board of Members Relies on the Complementarity of Expertise

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Paulette Kaci is Elected President of the First Parity Board of Directors for QuébecInnove

Mr. Sylvain Mandeville, Director General of the Cégep Marie-Victorin and President of the Board of Directors of Vestechpro, Apparel Research and Innovation Center, is proud to welcome four new board members. The elected members will join the already existing group of directors and contribute in fulfilling the organization’s mission and extend its influence.

-The new members were elected during the Annual General Assembly which took place earlier this fall. The new members are Nathalie Faille, Teacher and Manager of Departmental Coordination – Fashion Marketing, Cégep Marie-Victorin, Regina De Amorim Rieh, CEO of Maison Marie Saint Pierre, Bianca Jensen, Technical Manager, R.W. & Co. (Reitmans Group), and Nicolas Pajot, Founder and President of Studio Ultraciné.

Vestechpro is proud to count on the support of seasoned professionals committed to their industry: fashion and education, apparel and fashion, and technology and video games.

“The multifaceted profile of the Board will contribute in supporting growth for the Center and in widening its perspectives. Furthermore, the complementarity of the members’ skills is an undeniable asset for businesses if we consider the current context of a highly demanding need for a diverse set of skills. The solutions we are developing in the short-term focus on two major issues in which we have been investing ourselves in an increasingly rate in the last few years: technological updating and implementing ecoresponsible practices”, said the Executive Director at Vestechpro, Paulette Kaci.

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