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Vestechpro’s Professionals| Discover Marie-Ève, Project Manager

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Vestechpro opens the doors of its laboratory to introduce its team members and to familiarize you with the world of applied research and innovation in the clothing industry in Quebec.

For this article, we spoke with Marie-Ève Goulet, Project Manager.

When fashion and technology meet

Having pursued her studies in fashion as well as in innovation and technology, Marie-Ève first obtained a college diploma in Fashion Design at École de mode du Cégep Marie-Victorin. Subsequently, she studied at ESG UQÀM's École Supérieure de Mode to complete a bachelor's degree in Industrial Fashion Management. Currently enrolled in the Industrial Engineering Research master's degree, a technology and innovation management option offered at Université Polytechnique Montréal, she is simultaneously contributing to Vestechpro’s research team as a Project Manager.

Promoting interdisciplinary meshes

At Vestechpro, Marie-Ève works as a researcher specializing in technology 4.0. Her professional background in the management of garment production led her to solve various problems related to product development, and to anticipate the implementation of corporate solutions.

With this in mind, she particularly enjoys exchanges with her teammates. "We share a common vision of the role that the Center plays in the apparel ecosystem. Also, the multidisciplinarity within the team contributes to the decision-making process and stimulates me. Each one’s contribution, through their own technical language, enriches my own skills." Says the dynamic project manager. For Marie-Ève, mutual support and collaboration among colleagues helps define the best possible solutions for Vestechpro customers.

				Vestechpro’s Professionals| Discover Marie-Ève, Project Manager
				Les professionnels de Vestechpro | Découvrez Marie-Ève, Chargée de projets

Visual : Marie-Ève Goulet (left) with her colleagues Naomi Desjardins (centre) and Sarah Hontoy-Major (right)

Contributing to the effectiveness of the CCTT

Being curious by nature, Marie-Ève has always shown a keen interest in research. This enthusiasm earned her her job at Vestechpro in the field of applied research. Previous experiences allowed her to acquire efficient working methods and to be well prepared for carrying out the tasks entrusted to her at the Center.

Marie-Eve wants to develop new knowledge in order to continue to improve her research abilities and to push her thinking towards solving problems. For example, she considers that good working methods accelerate the results of technology watch, a tedious task that she carries out daily, and whose results have greatly improved over time.

" As I’m thriving to work more efficiently, I find myself motivated to deepen my reflections, to look further, and to define the best strategies to help Quebec apparel companies to ensure their growth. ", adds Marie-Ève.

The indispensable databases

Databases remain Marie-Ève's most appreciated tool since they are an excellent way to update knowledge on new technologies. "It's really great to be able to find reliable information on specialized platforms featuring articles from international sources. It gives me the opportunity to remain informed on the upcoming technologies and innovations that will impact our industry in the future."

A tip for the next generation: stay curious!

Maintaining one's ability to innovate is first of all cultivating one's curiosity. A competent researcher must keep abreast of the latest technologies, a task greatly facilitated by technology watch.

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