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Vestechpro seeks partner companies to train industrial sewing machine operators

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The shortage of manpower in the apparel industry is glaring. The Industrial Sewing Machine Operator Training Program (ISMO) developed by the Comité sectoriel de main d’oeuvre de l’industrie textile au Québec (CSMO Textile) offers great solutions for apparel manufacturers, as well as for candidates looking for a job or wishing to learn a new profession.

This program, which was offered in June 2018, helped to meet the demand of companies because it aims to train new operators of industrial sewing machines. The candidates sought are from clienteles who are not active on the labor market and willing to work in the clothing industry. The alternation formula Training / Employment Integration offers the opportunity to respond effectively to the specific needs of companies and participants, by providing the opportunity to practice new skills in real-life situations. This training will be given again in the fall of 2019.

				Vestechpro seeks partner companies to train industrial sewing machine operators
				Vestechpro recherche des entreprises partenaires pour former des opérateurs de machines à coudre industrielles

Visual : CSMO Textile

Vestechpro invites apparel manufacturing companies in the Montreal region to become partners in this project and to hire selected candidates at the beginning of the training. In order to promote the integration of the participants into employment, these companies will be responsible for providing them with a full-time, structured learning period and remunerate them according to the salary conditions in force; designate trainer to support the acquisition of skills in the company; pair participants with a company companion; and to evaluate learning in the workplace. Building on the success of previous editions, the program is being presented once again in the Montreal region where an important concentration of manufacturers is found and where the needs are numerous. Entrepreneurs wishing to participate in the program are welcome to contact Helen Brunet, Strategic development manager at Vestechpro to find out more.

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