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Vestechpro Welcomes Melanie Ellezam, Founder of the Olmsted Brand

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Keeping in that tradition to welcome an expert or a professional of the apparel industry which left a notable and inspiring mark, Vestechpro had the pleasure the welcome Mélanie Ellezam, founder of the Olmsted brand, during its Annual General Assembly. Mrs. Ellezam shared her very personal vision and approach which pushed her to create a whole line of winter jackets that are entirely biodegradable, and made here in Montreal.

Vestechpro’s choice to select Mrs. Ellezam was motivated by the Centre’s interest in the development of products in the apparel industry that are compatible with circular economy. Mélanie has always been guided by the desire to combine clothing design and environmental concern, so her presence to an event with Vestechpro came quite naturally.

In 2005, she was already creating her own clothing business, FIG, which was specialized in biodegradable travel clothing. She then focused her attention to other interested such a multimedia and came to realize that art, design and technology were often a good combination. The complementarity between these fields and the quest for viable solutions against the ecological crisis currently happening have all served as motivators in the development of clothes that were totally free of synthetic material, and produced in an ethical manner. This was the origin of Olmsted.

As a true perfectionist and careful craftsman, Mélanie wanted above all to analyze textile materials to find the ones that had the lowest footprint, for example, a waxed biological cotton created by the prestigious Scottish producer Hally Stevensons, made especially for Olmsted, or sheepskin that is bought from a surplus supplier, and carefully handpicked Canadian Common Eider down. The quality of materials, the originality of the design, and the attention to detail during confection all contribute to the designation of ‘eco-luxury’ associated with the brand. Furthermore, the company relies on a notable portion of international customers who are known to be nature lovers with a marked interest on the protection of ecosystems.

Knowing that the apparel industry is the second most polluting industry in the world after the oil industry, we are proud of the success achieved by products designed, conceived and offered by a workshop located in Montreal. With her sense of innovation and determination to offer the best possible winter jacket, Mélanie Ellezam has managed to take up the challenge of industry by offering a sophisticated and performant clothing product which are immensely nature-friendly.

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