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Vestechpro's job | Discover Audrey, Research Assistant

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Holiday Season | Closure of Vestechpro's offices

Vestechpro opens the doors of his laboratory, and introduces his technical team, to familiarize you with the world of applied research in business and innovation in the clothing industry in Quebec.

For this first article, which is part of the international day of women and girls in science, held on February 11, we met Audrey Coulombe, Research Assistant.

A journey that links science and clothing

Audrey, 23, is the youngest employee of Vestechpro. After a year in the collegial science program of nature, she finally reoriented herself into a fashion program, attracted by the more creative projects that were missing in her career. Freshly graduated in fashion design from Cégep Marie-Victorin and after having participated in the first edition of the summer school, Audrey joined the Vestechpro team. Audrey has since specialized in the laboratory software (3D, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lectra Modaris ...), which is why she wants to follow, next September, the Computation Arts program offered by Concordia University in Montreal.

Her role within Vestechpro

Audrey is responsible for the laboratory, which means she works on the design and production of prototypes for Vestechpro customers. Thus, according to the various projects of the client companies that she accompanies, Audrey can intervene on brainstorming sessions with the technical team in order to establish various strategies in response to the needs expressed, or to conceive the technical modalities of these strategies. using laboratory equipment (sewing machines, fabric cutting, etc.). His days are lively, and it is partly this dynamism that pleases him enormously.

				Vestechpro's job | Discover Audrey, Research Assistant
				Les métiers de Vestechpro | Découvrez Audrey, Assistante de recherche

"Science is a fast-changing sector, offering many opportunities, which makes you want to be part of it! Audrey Coulombe, Research Assistant at Vestechpro.

The dynamism of applied research

Unlike basic research, applied research in clothing is more concrete, according to Audrey, since it allows the manipulation of textiles, the development of prototypes or even items for marketing purposes. Vestechpro is thus part of a dynamic environment that offers a lot of new challenges, which is very stimulating.

Audrey's favorite equipment of the laboratory : the "walking foot" sewing machine!

One of the applications of this machine is, among other things, to be able to assemble thick fabrics or having several thicknesses of fabric (even the leather!), And this, without problem of adjustment of the machine due to the thicknesses. This application is very useful during the production test stage (prototyping) since it saves precious minutes!

One last tip: DARE!

The world of research suffers from an image that is still not easily accessible to the public. However, it is a sector that offers many opportunities for the next generation. His advice for students wishing to join a Research Center or contribute to innovative projects: take a chance and dare to go to meet these organizations!

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