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Vestechpro's job | Discover Payam, Manager of research and innovation

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Vestechpro opens the doors of his laboratory, and introduces his team to familiarize you with the world of applied research in business and innovation in the clothing industry in Quebec.

For this article, we met Payam Lazemi, Manager of Research and Innovation.

Textile looking Payam Lazemi began his career in the field of applied research in France by integrating a textile school allowing him to work alternately for a knitting chain manufacturer as an assistant to research and development. After completing his end-of-study internship at the CTT Group, he decided to settle in Quebec. It is thanks to this experience that he develops an interest in intelligent clothing, which leads him to work for a company specialized in the field: OMSignal. This job allowed him to learn more about advanced technologies, physiology and the various possibilities of smart clothing. It is thanks to all this knowledge acquired that he joins the Vestechpro team of experts in 2019.

His role within Vestechpro As Manager of Research and Innovation, Payam is responsible for client projects and overseeing the Vestechpro Technology Lab team. First of all, he plays a role of research manager by carrying out the financial and temporal estimations of the projects as well as the technical exchanges with the customers. He thus contributes to the writing of grant applications for Vestechpro clients and the Research Center as well as post-project reports, which are essential in collaboration with clients. Also, as a team manager, he is in charge of distributing the workload of the research team and also takes care of recruiting technical experts as needed to ensure that he can respond to different client projects in progress. Finally, his role requires him to attend several conferences to ensure technology watch and continuity of relations with partners and customers of Vestechpro.

				Vestechpro's job | Discover Payam, Manager of research and innovation
				Les métiers de Vestechpro | Découvrez Payam, Gestionnaire de la recherche et de l'innovation

The versatility of the research sector Payam appreciates the novelty and versatility of applied research. His job at Vestechpro leads him to manage several different projects in parallel, which he finds very rewarding, and also leads him to discover innovative and concrete solutions. His previous experiences have led him to better understand the different needs as well as the roles of each of the actors of a team for a collaborative client project.

Payam's favorite tool: 3D CLO software! Payam dreamed of being able to instantly model the rendering of a 2D pattern. It is now possible thanks to the CLO 3D software! From this software, it is possible to create your own sewing pattern virtually and get at the same time the final rendering in three-dimensional form, carried by an avatar. It is also possible to affix a virtual textile to these mannequins, thus avoiding the manipulation of physical textiles. This software saves a lot more time, resources, and is more environmentally friendly. Payam would have loved the opportunity to use this tool during his studies in textiles to earn valuable hours!

One last tip: have confidence in yourself! According to Payam, it is very important not to be afraid to be confident. "Employers need employees as much as vice versa," he notes. He therefore advises the next generation to have confidence in his skills and resources!

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