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Vestechpro's Professionals | Discover Gabrielle, Technical Project Manager

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A fashion designer for the past 12 years, Gabrielle St-Pierre recently joined the Vestechpro team as a Technical Project Manager. As such, she offers precious consultation services on fabrication processes, production and management of textiles and garments. More specifically, Gabrielle St-Pierre is responsible for samples production and tests on various garments and materials.

After completing her collegial studies in fashion design at École de mode du Cégep Marie-Victorin in 2007, Gabrielle expressed her entrepreneurial skills by setting up a multitude of projects such as a line of cuddly plush animals made from recycled material. In addition to providing consulting services and pattern making training to businesses, she has also devoted herself to custom made tailoring and production. Thereafter, Gabrielle would add a significant expertise to her profile by becoming production manager at Atelier Gabrielle (2009-2015) and the owner of the Gabardine workshop-boutique (2015-2017). Finally, she would join the team at Velvet Moustache as a production manager and seamstress until her arrival at Vestechpro last summer.

Passionate about arts and crafts, manual confection of clothing products, equipments and tools used to create her textile projects, Gabrielle candidly shares her love for sewing machines: « They are my bread and butter since my beginnings in the fashion industry. I enjoy learning more about them, make the required adjustments, and knowing how to repair them. They are heavy-duty, fast and efficient. This sense of confidence towards these machines gives me the feeling of being in total control regarding my creative projects and guides me to materialize my ideas. »

For example, she recalls one of her biggest achievements when she describes how she made a wedding dress of lace curtains. The challenge was not limited solely to making the garment, it was necessary to take into account the uniqueness of such an emotionally charged event. In short, the final product had to be perfect and a much-cherished memory. Not only was the client extremely satisfied with the work Gabrielle has done, but to their big astonishment, some of the photos taken during the wedding day were going to get published in the Mariage Québec magazine. If Gabrielle wishes to give sound advice to the next generation, it would to pursue their dreams to the end no matter the path they choose. « Even if things don't work out as planned, we can always learn a valuable lesson that makes us grow professionally. Above all, you must not fear other people’s judgment», she adds.

As a trainer for industrial sewing machine operators at Vestechpro, Gabrielle passes on her savoir-faire to the next generation. An experience which allows her to combine her professional know-how and the skills she has recently acquired in the context of studies pursued in college and university education.

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