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Wear It Smart 2016 | Smart clothing is the future

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Wear It Smart 2016 | The new generation of wearables

Smart clothing is the future

Montreal, November 3 2016 – Vestechpro, the Centre for research and innovation in apparel, in collaboration with the Bureau de la mode de Montréal and its partners, hosted the second edition of the Montreal conference on wearables from October 19 to 20 at the Agora Hydro-Québec. More than 250 technophiles, including several internationally-renowned experts, researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs from the industry, were invited to this highly-anticipated event in order to reflect on the future of wearable technology.

‘Smart’ clothing is the future. High-tech industries are now able to identify the precise needs of consumers and the products which these industries offer clients are generally wearables. This is entirely natural since clothing is the first interface between an individual and their surroundings. Guest speakers and panelists demonstrated the pertinence of wearables, in all their various forms, with regard to communication, health and wellbeing, performance and leisure: ‘living’ textiles, sensitive clothing and interactive, multifunctional accessories.

Wear It Smart also provided participants with the opportunity to take stock of a market valued at $28.7 billion US in 2016 (Gartner). Items which only a couple of years ago were reserved for early adopters, can now easily be found in department stores. Products in this category sell for an average of $289 US (Vandrico) and the market segment is growing at 18.4% (Gartner 2016). Wearable technology is becoming more and more accessible, versatile, long-lasting and environmentally-responsible and will continue to help improve lifestyle and prevent and control certain illnesses while respecting users’ privacy.

Among the right conditions which will ensure the medium and long-term development of this growing niche market, Vestechpro notes the necessity for increased collaboration between specialists from different sectors; for example, clothing and accessory designers and component and app developers. The apparel sector will also have to integrate technology into their new educational programmes. Textile yarn or optical fiber? Buttons or biometric sensors? Knitted or 3D printed accessories? Comfortable or adaptable clothing? Designers will include technology in the creative process and connectivity will become an essential element of clothing.

Vestechpro confirms consumer adoption of wearables as everyday objects and their continuing rapid development over the coming years. The fourth industrial revolution which brings together the Internet of Things, megadata and 3D printing, is forcing decision-makers to rethink current business models and training programmes. Wear It Smart 2016 enabled innovators from many different spheres to think about the steps to be taken today in order to prepare for the future.

Please take a moment to watch the Wear It Smart 2016 video by clicking on the link.

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