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Wear It Smart 2016 | The new generation of wearables

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Wear It Smart 2016 | Vestechpro is committed to the training of new employees

Vestechpro: In touch with the new generation of wearables

Montreal, October 13 2016 – Vestechpro, the Centre for research and innovation in apparel, in collaboration with the Bureau de la mode de Montréal and their partners, presents the second edition of the Montreal meeting of wearables, on the 19 and 20 October at the Agora Hydro-Quebec. Some 300 technophiles, including several experts of international renown, researchers, professionals and business entrepreneurs from the industry have been invited to this highly-anticipated event in order to share the results of their work with the general public: the latest developments in wearable technology and the miniaturization of electronic components, as well as the forecast for the future of wearables.

The potential market for wearables is huge, – in 2015, smart clothing had more than 64 million users around the world ( – creators face the challenge of offering consumers more, including the ability to analyze and understand real-time data.

Studies on the impact of wearable technology on society have identified three principal areas for future product development in the short term: Design and Function, Health and Wellbeing and Consumer Trends.

Based on this, Vestechpro is organizing three inspiring panel discussions to focus on the future of wearable technology. The guest panelists, who are all experts in their field, will analyze current project developments in the wearables sector and will discuss the following themes: Connectivity: the wearable engine; Wearables and Wellbeing Promises; and, Wearables: a consumer trend?

Creating a product which is innovative, practical and esthetically-pleasing is only possible with the close collaboration between experienced specialists and technicians. How will leaders in the textile, apparel, sport, health and technology sectors harness their knowledge, expertise and inspiration to create more high-performance wearables?

The potential for wearables in the health and wellbeing sectors is undeniable, yet poses a real challenge with regard to the protection of personal information. How will wearable technology contribute to an improved lifestyle and to the prevention and control of certain illnesses while respecting users’ privacy?

As the convergence of data and social media has brought increased consumer demand, sales of these products are no longer confined to early adopters and the increasing market presence of these products more than justifies continued development for the mass market. Second generation products must be accessible, versatile, long-lasting and eco-responsible. Can the interest in innovation make up for industry shortcomings?

The three panel discussions: Connectivity: the wearable engine; Wearables and Wellbeing Promises and, Wearables: a consumer trend? will take place on Thursday October 20 as part of Wear It Smart 2016.

Tickets for Wear It Smart 2016 are available on the Wear It Smart 2016 site.

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