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Vestechpro announces the Wear It Smart 2017 series of get-togethers

Montreal, February 16, 2017 – Vestechpro, the Centre for research and innovation in apparel has announced the Wear It Smart 2017 programme a series of activities about smartwear and accessories which will be held throughout the year. Vestechpro has chosen to present its get-togethers throughout 2017 at various Montreal institutions to highlight the 375th anniversary of the city.

From performance tracker to augmented reality glasses, smartwear has become part of our daily lives. Future development in this field requires specific expertise, most notably with regard to management of interactivity between user and device, data analysis and environmentally-friendly production of these devices. Recent diversification in wearable innovations has led Vestechpro to organize not just one, but several events based on current issues, brands, high-tech fashion and educational projects linked to clothing of the future, to name just a few.

The series was kicked off on February 15th with Wearables and Brands: What is the future?, a conference by Paulette Kaci, Executive Director of the Centre and Vincent Sabourin from the School of Management, UQAM (ESG UQAM). This conference is part of the 100% Mobilité event organized by Infopresse at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT).

Following this, After Hours Montreal Fashion Tech will be held at the McCord Museum on March 30th. Vestechpro is involved in this fashion innovation happening with its collaborators VTÉ, Imagine 360°, and Subpac. On the programme, an introductory workshop on integrating sensors into clothing, a virtual design clothing workshop, the opportunity to test a vest which transmits sound waves to the body and the unveiling of the collection Mode futuriste 1967-2017 designed by students at the École de mode du Cégep Marie-Victorin; a Vestechpro initiative.

More activities in this series will be announced shortly, enough to fill every technophile’s diary during the year.

About Vestechpro

Vestechpro is a collegial centre for the transfer of technology (CCTT), specialized in apparel, affiliated with Cegep Marie-Victorin and member of the TransTech Network and the National Research Council Canada Smart Textiles and Wearables Innovation Alliance.

Its mission is to be the leading partner of the companies and organizations involved in the apparel industry, by offering them innovation, research, and development support services, by organizing training and development activities, and by disseminating strategic information that enables them to position themselves advantageously in a global context.

Source and information:

Paulette Kaci

Executive Director, Vestechpro 514 328-3813, ext. 2883 [email protected]

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