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Wear It Smart 2017 | Present at the official launch of Iweartech

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Wear It Smart 2017 | Discover the program

Third Wear It Smart 2017 event

On June 1st, about sixty people gathered for the official launch of Iweartech, a Montreal-based startup offering smartwatches and smartbands.

During this iWeartech event, Vestechpro organized and hosted a series of four conferences, in the context of its conference Wear It Smart. The subject of the conferences was Montreal’s position in the smart accessories segment. The speakers, Andre Arnold (Vestechpro), Jeffrey Dungen (reelyActive), Maudeleine Myrthil (Iweartech) and Frantz Saintellemy (Group 3737), talked about the city's assets and described it as filled with creativity and with a highly skilled workforce.

Learn more about the speakers by reading their biographies.

Andre Arnold, Principal Researcher - wearable, Vestechpro
Andre Arnold is a scientist conducting applied research in the domain of intelligent clothing and uniforms. Andre’s rural upbringing in the Yukon Territories and British Columbia motivates his work with wearable technologies: advanced digital manufacturing of apparel and microelectronics; telepresence and telehealth in the workplace. Andre has designed and developed wearables in industry since 2008, and received a PhD in uniform-based wearables from Concordia University’s Individualized Program.

Jeffrey Dungen, cofounder and CEO, reelyActive
Jeffrey is the co-founder and CEO of reelyActive, a Montreal-based startup that creates intelligent spaces that understand the context of what is happening in real-time by detecting and locating people and objects. As an engineer and entrepreneur, Jeffrey believes there is always a way to advance technology in the public good, while doing good business.

Maudeleine Myrthil, cofounder and CEO, Iweartech
Ms. Myrthil holds a Master of Business Administration degree from UQAM and a Bachelor of Management degree from HEC. She has been advising and accompanying SME entrepreneurs for more than fifteen years in terms of their marketing strategies. At the same time, she also teaches in the "Launch of a company" program in partnership with Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board and Groupe 3737. She recently founded IWEARTECH, which specializes in portable technology.

Frantz Saintellemy, Founder and CEO of Groupe 3737 (incubator and business accelerator)
Serial-entrepreneur with more than 21 years of experience, Frantz Saintellemy is an internationally recognized expert in the field of advanced technologies with several patents, innovations and startups generating hundreds of millions of dollars in value and revenue generation. He sits on several boards and advisory committees. He is notably an advisor to the Minister of Economy, Science and Innovation (MESI) to develop Quebec’s strategy for research and innovation (SQRI) and is also a member of Aligo Innovation Investment Committee, an organization responsible for the valorization of Quebec university research

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