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Weart It Smart 2018 | Smart Workwear for a Safe Workforce

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May, 10 2018, Vestechpro, apparel research and innovation center, in collaboration with the Ministère de l’Économie, de la Science et de l’Innovation and CONFORMiT has organised the fourth edition of Wear it Smart, the Montreal symposium about smart clothing and accessories, in Centre Phi.

The subject of this year’s event was “Smart Workwear for a Safe Workforce”. Thus, the speakers, panelists and exhibitors invited by Vestechpro met to talk about the use of uniforms and personal protection equipment to ensure a better security to workers. Nearly 100 people, curious to learn more about the use of wearables at work, came to attend this conference-day: professionals of human resources and health and security at work, managers of supplying in professional equipment, companies offering health and security at work solutions, professors, searchers and even students.
Many topics were presented this year, for example the hearing protection of Jérémie Voix, an Associate Professor of the École de technologie supérieure, the cap against the drowsiness at the wheel of trucks drivers from Ford Trucks Brasil of Icaro de Abreu, the manager of digital technology and innovation of Global Team Blue-WPP, and the safety shoe of Mathieu Destrian, the CEO of Intellinium. This event also enabled them to take note of the parts played by these connected uniforms in the field of health and security at work, to become aware of the challenges and the advantages linked to their adoption and their use, and finally to perceive the way applied research is evolving in the area work.
Workers are at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution, and Wear It Smart 2018 was a good occasion for the participants to think about their protection.

				Weart It Smart 2018 | Smart Workwear for a Safe Workforce
				Wear It Smart 2018 | L'uniforme intelligent pour un travailleur en sécurité

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