Applied Research

Applied Research

Applied Research


  • Development of innovative products and processes : wearables, fibres and textiles; prototypes; technical specifications
  • Problem identification and operationalization
  • Customer approval process
  • Collaboration with experts in related fields (health, transport, security, sports, entertainment…)

Vestechpro helped us to progress from the prototype to the final product by rigorously applying an R&D apparel technology method. Its expertise enabled us to improve the quality of the Hexoskin clothing line, which is worn by thousands of people.

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, President, Hexoskin

In 2013, Lange Bleu teamed up with Vestechpro to work on its project of washable incontinent briefs. This amazing collaboration led not only to the upgrading of our product in order to meet the high standards of the health sector, but also to forge links between the research sector and non-profit organizations like Lange Bleu. A long-lasting partnership has been created between the two teams.

Sarah Damani, Executive Director, Lange Bleu

A creative, dynamic and motivated team, open to innovation, which supported us in the development of smartwear enabling the monitoring and safety of persons suffering loss of autonomy.

Christian Cloutier, President, HKS Technologie
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