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Strategic information

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  • Technology development monitoring
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  • Business funding and assistance
  • Tax credit for design and technology adaptation services
  • Support in the drafting of funding requests
  • Search for partners and material resources
  • Resource optimization

3M and Vestechpro, an enlightened vision of apparel

Along with my 3M colleagues, I worked with the VestechPro team to organise the design contest under the theme of Visibility in Urbanwear with 3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Material. The contest was created thanks to the creative and innovative minds of the capable VestechPro folks who were able to immediately envision the fashion-oriented reflective solutions for urbanwear when I met with them for the first time in late 2014.

As the contest was the first of its kinds and we needed to learn new things and manage the event at the same time as we embarked on the project, those involved from VestechPro and 3M had more than a few challenges to overcome along the way. Despite these challenges, we had a great deal of success in every aspect of the contest, thanks in large part to the VestechPro team. Receiving rave reviews of the students' designs from many industry publishers and inspiring an article on the subject, i.e. incorporating new and innovative reflective solutions in fashion and workwear, by Textile Journal, etc., are testament to the kind of success that VestechPro and 3M generated with the contest. Along with my 3M colleagues, I could not be more proud of working with VestechPro and I look forward to our next collaborative opportunity together!

Sae Chang
Transnational Account Manager
3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Material

Vestechpro's effective contribution facilitated prompt access to the appropriate resources for our nylon-based fabric printing project.

Stéphane Tanguay, President, CDRN

It's always a great pleasure to talk with Vestechpro's staff. They are courteous and dynamic professionals, who harbour a passion for the fashion and apparel industry. They are determined to successfully carry out their mandate, but also to ensure the long-term sustainability of their clients. They do have their clients' projects and the promotion of the industry at heart.

Roberto De Palma, Executive Director, Les Confections Stroma
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